Claudia Porter’s Pop Expressionism by John Strawn

Claudia knew she wanted to be an artist ever since she was a child. After finishing high school, she compromised and studied graphic design, what her father dubbed a “serious college degree”. It was only after marrying and moving to live in America that she went to the university to study art, at the age of 29. Then she discovered abstract expressionism. “Everybody in the art school was painting abstract”, she said; “while I had been a realistic painter all my life”. After the initial shock, she decided to embrace the abstract style, which came to her as a liberation. “I was in awe; I felt so free”. Her peers were astonished by the sudden transformation of her art. When she move to Vallarta, she was taking acrylics to the limit. “I always go to the extreme; I wanted to find out how thick the paint on canvas would get.  I was practically pouring buckets of paint on the canvas”. Today she finds herself in a new stage in her development as an artist.

Article in the PV Mirror